So, I finally watched the New Moon Trailer. It was funny but it didn't really follow the point of the book. Bella doesn't figure out that Jacob is a werewolf when he transforms to save her from Laurent. Bella remembers their conversation the beach in book 1 and figures out he's a vampire. This is my only complaint.
       I love the werewolf! It's just how i thought a REALLY big wolf would look like (LOL) Jacob's abs are awesome! Thank god he worked for those or we would have a new Jacob T.T I wouldn't like that! Bella is, as always just like the book says and Edward remains more perfect than described in the book! ^.^ 
       I'm glad the cast stayed the same from what I see in the trailer and I can hardly wait for the movie in November!

                                                                  Always and Forever TEAM EDWARD!
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Wait wait wait.. LOL.. you said:
Bella doesn't figure out that Jacob is a vampire when he transforms to save her form Laurent

Yo! Vampire on the brain much? LOL.. Jacob is a vampire? OMGBBQSQUEEELVENTY!!!! Hahaha
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Hey babygirl.. glad to be here! :)
Oh I am like the QUEEN of stupid nicknames.. tell me if something I call you ticks me off and I'll quit! LOL..

Reading some historical novels lately.. Series by Philippa Greggory.. first book: Wideacre


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