A few weeks ago, on a rainy day, I was at my apartment doing laundry in the basement. My mom was at her stepmothers and I didn't wanna go so I stayed home.
       She told me to go switch the laundry downstairs. I don't really like doing laundry but i decided to get it over with quickly so i could play World Of Warcraft. 
       This is where the problem started. I grabbed the basement keys and headed out of my apartment and down to the basement. When i got the laundry down from there and headed upstairs. I put the basket down so i could open the door which I closed so the cold wouldn't go in. Much to my disappointment the door was LOCKED! ( I have a tentacity to lock myself out ALOT unconsciously) Great there I was in my pjs, no cell phone, and no wallet. Of course i didn't blame anyone for it. I just don't have the best luck. 
        My mom wasn't gonna be home for a while so i had a decision to make. Stay there and wait, try to use a neighbor's phone to call for help, or start wlaking ot my uncle's apartment a mile and a half or so away. Plan B. 
        I went to the 3rd floor and asked if i could use the phone. I told them i was the landlord's daughter so they let me use it. AH my bad luck struck again. My mom did't answer the phone... neither did my uncle.I'm not the type of girl with patience so i went downstairs and put on my shoes (We leave em in the hallway)  I started out the door to start my long walk.
        When i said it was a rainy day... it was a bit of an understatement.. Seriously it looked like a typhoon was gonna hit us. But i just grinned and beared it till i finally reached his apartment. Thank heavens he was home! So when I rang the buzzer and told him it was me, he let me in. When  opened his door he bursted out laughing at me. I was seriously soaked to the bone and i was seriously pissed >.< u would too if you had to walk the much in this weather. ( I wouldn't of mined it as much if it was sunny) I started to "calmly" ask him why he didnt answer the phone. Since he didnt know the number he didnt answer. 
       Well he gave me a shirt to wear since mine was soaked and he texted my mom telling her what happened.

What I learned from this is that I'm never EVER gonna do laundry when no one is HOME!


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